SunSetter Platinum Awnings feature Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella shade fabrics not only enhance the style of the home, they stand up to the elements with true performance. Fade-resistant, mold-and mildew-resistant and bleach-cleanable, Sunbrella shade fabrics deliver the performance you expect, withstanding the elements year after year.
Sunbrella fabrics
Sunbrella Ashford Forrest 4995

sunbrella ashford forrest 4995

Sunbrella Chocolate Chip Fancy 4776

sunbrella chocolate chip fancy 4776

Sunbrella Clinton Granite 4888

sunbrella clinton granite 4888

Sunbrella Colonnade Redwood 4857

sunbrella colonnade redwood 4857

Sunbrella Eastridge Cocoa 4994

sunbrella eastridge cocoa 4994

Sunbrella Forest Vintage Bar Stripe 4949

sunbrella forest vintage bar stripe 4949

Sunbrella Grey Beige Chip Fancy 4777

sunbrella grey beige chip fancy 4777

Sunbrella Grey Black White 4799

sunbrella grey black white 4799

Sunbrella Motive Denim 4895

sunbrella motive denim 4895

Sunbrella Navy Taupe Fancy 4916

sunbrella navy taupe fancy 4916

Sunbrella Preston Stone 4768

sunbrella preston stone 4768

Sunbrella Putty Regimental 4961

sunbrella putty regimental 4961

Sunbrella Silica Dune 4859

sunbrella silica dune 4859

Sunbrella Silica Sesame 4860

sunbrella silica sesame 4860

Sunbrella Silica Stone 4861

sunbrella silica stone 4861

Sunbrella Westfield Mushroom 4817

sunbrella westfield mushroom 4817